Today I saw a dog

And it was carrying a ball in its mouth. And it was wagging its tail and sneezing and I can swear it was grinning too.

I wonder if that may be why we have dogs in the first place. Because they are so easily pleased. Most dogs are happy all the time - unless a certain exception I suppose - which are always the opposite.

My point was, most dogs are always happy, and perhaps humans are naturally attracted to that. Everyone wants to be happy, you can't say you don't want to be excited or happy, that would be a lie. Perhaps you enjoy being sad, or even slightly melancholic, perhaps you enjoy being manic, angry or perhaps even tired - these are all moods as well as feelings, they blend. But if you like being sad, then that is what makes you happy. So I suppose being happy is a thing you feel, the mood you are in, and in general what you are.

Whatever triggers the happiness doesn't necessarily matter. As some people - actually most people, these days find it hard to be happy; a little piece of uncomplicated, loyal, unconditional, primitive and earthbound happiness might be something we all deep down seek. Like pushing a button, or - throwing a stick - for that matter.

The response would be in the lack of better words,


Perhaps you need a dog?


Foss said...

A dog would make me less happy than I am currently. This is because I'd feel guilty for leaving it at home while I worked, and I could never be so cruel. Also, I don't really need cheering up because I'm already happy.

A puppy would make me happier. They taste delicious.

Anonymous said...

Right now, we have two dogs...
Otto is in the house!!
Tante Bister

Smylexx said...

Dogfish leave hairs all over my sea-sofa :o(

Tora said...


You know, if a certain step-dad approved it Tante Bister - I'd take Otto within the hour!


Anonymous said...

I know Tora. But you see, your step dad, has some good points, and the dog drawls like hell!
By the way; it snows in Trondheim! Hurra, hurra, hurra!!
Tante Bister.

Tora said...

Snow? Again?

That's outrageous!
A beaming sun and green leaves all over in Oslo.

On sunday the forecast says rain though :(
But we think they are lying.

Otto <3

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