Layout Celebration

This is my schmift layout in this blog.
I have 371 posts in my blog over 18 months
I have written at an average 20,61 posts each month -which makes less than one update a day!

Outraged by this I am (as you might have noticed) boosting the post-count by having posted all kinds of raving-mad things all afternoon and evening!



mischief said...


The old template was much nicer! Bring back the snow!

P.S. I'm thinkin of turning Dosaboys into a book or ebook or something. Any ideas?

Tora said...

I know that every NaNoWriMo winner in the US get their book printed for free by this online printer thingy, but that hardly helps you much.

I don't know how to get a free eBook (at least not with nice flip-page graphics), as far as I'm imformed (which doesn't say much) you're gonna have to pay for that.

I might be wrong.
I might be getting a new layout, I don't know.

Smylexx said...

Yes, the new layout sucketh badlyeth. And remember, it's quality, not quantity.

Least, that's what i tell the lady dolphins.

mischief said...

Not too bothered about the flip page graphics I just want the thing turned into a bookbeast that I can read on my phonething on the way to work for a laugh and possibly print out on the school budget.

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