I have mentioned this before! I know, but have another look, please - and feel free to vote if you'd like!

Happy easter all of you! In Oslo the weather is so pretty it's almost a waste, we're getting spoiled rotten with all this sunshine!

Thank you so much all beautiful relatives that has sent easter eggs to all us lucky children! (If we're not getting diabetes 2 yet, we will by the end of the week).
My liver says hi!

Have a most spectacular weekend!


Anonymous said...

That's the most polite liver I've ever know. I have trouble with my back and it could certainly learn a thing or two from you.

Easter greetings from England where the sky is blue and the debate about white chocolate not being chocolate at all continues.

Tora said...


But white chocolate is bliss!
Who cares whether it actually IS chocolate or not?

Look at all the different species of dogs!

Anonymous said...

Snow,snow,snow,and more snow in Trondheim. 15-20 cm, and Ask was out making snowmen today. We have watched all our Poirot movies, and have aten all our candy. So whats left?

To drink, and eat...
Happy easter from all of us in Trondheim.
Tante Bister.

Anonymous said...

>Look at all the different species of dogs!<

Yeah, but I ain't EVER gonna eat a dog. Well not knowingly anyway.

Tora said...

you have a point there, what I meant was that there are a gablozen different kinds of dogs - some of them don't even look like dogs - but we don't debate it the same way, I suppose.

Happy easter Trondheim :) Poirot is nifty incarnated.

Smylexx said...

I ate a hot-dog once.

Just saying.

Anonymous said...

Who cares about dogs!!!! It`s still snowing in Trondheim!!!!

Tante Bister

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