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Lately a debate have been rolling on the Norwegian newspaper VG's web pages concerning some rather tasteless statistics.
According to VG every second Norwegian man believes that a woman is guilty of being sexually violated if she flirts openly.

Enough with the "but that is completely wrong, what? We can't flirt without being raped these days?!" - bit. Because there's enough of that already.

What which is truly upsetting is the fact that men don't take more part in this heated discussion. It is so incredibly discriminating, so incredibly wrong, stained with prejudice. I honestly don't believe any man I know would throw himself over some lady and molest her if she incidently flirted with him. That is a lot of raving bollocks right there. How men even accept to be given such injustice is completely alien to me. - And yes! A man would accept it by not contradicting it, because in his ignorance he will have allowed it to happen.

Of course the statement in itself is upsetting, but the way both women and men are being objects of mindless stereotyping is beyond me, it is as if we are discussing this particular arctic penguin species which are unusually sexually-abusive - but we're not.
We are creating a distance between being a human and studying humans, a wider gap between men and women, about being a creature on earth.
What is a life if you can't walk around on the planet as you may wish? Should we be limited to barriers only existing in our heads? This isn't giving anyone an excuse to 'try something' more than any other controverisal discharge over the past years - but I just felt a bit fed up just now.

And I think it's about time someone do something.


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