Knowing whether an insect is a wasp, a bee or a bumble-bee can at time be very difficult. So to make sure I am never wrong about it when seeing it fly by, I have decided to call them all "bips".

Yesterday I was out in the greenhouse with my mum, it was such nice weather you know. And in the greenhouse my mama have placed big buckets of water to try to keep the greenhouse warm, because despite the sunny weather - it was quite cool.
In one of these buckets there was quite a big bips, and it was lying on its belly, floating around. My mum suggested to pick it up, so I took a pair of scissors and balanced the fat bips on the tip of it. The moment it got off the surface(and I thought it was quite dead) it started buzzing furiously.

Mum said to place it on the lavender, because all bips'es love lavender. And the chubbed, buzzing, fuzzy little bips started climbing one of the flowers, and it was such a long stem on this flower, that the moment the bips reached the top it started bending.

And the flower kept bending until the bips was nearly touching the surface of the water again, and we realised that the bips was probably going to end up in the bucket again, now matter how many times we saved it.


Smylexx said...

It's wrong to categorize them as "all the same".

Bees are just big friendly wasp-like creatures with sweaters on. A nice sweater with stripes that their gran knitted for them at christmas.

Wasps are just gits!

John said...

I think that all bips are great. Fried. With butter and garlic. Watch out for the stingers though.

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