New music!

I really can't explain how much I love new music. I simply love it.
There is really nothing similar to purchasing a CD, slamming it lovingly into the discdrive and watch it load into your iTunes library. I am quite picky about music, but that has not directly contradicted some major flaws in my highly respective library.
I admit there to be songs by both Ozone, Shakira, Daniel Bedingfield, Ricky Martin, John Legend, Wig Wam, Phil Collins, Nickelback, Steely Dan, Wet wet wet, The Rasmus, Queen, Shania Twain, Vanilla Ice, Tragédie, Manic Street Preachers, Lou Bega, Josh Groban, Destiny's Child, Linkin Park... And numerous other artists which I personally despise in there.

The reason for these far-fetched and uniquely disgusting artists having found a home in my library is due to years of sharing space with relatives such as siblings and a very music-loving father. Loving music is to some, like loving nature; whether it's slammed in your face - all muddy, rough, wet, sloppy and ready - or if it is found close and dear to your heart, deep and tender, warm and soothing. Being a worshipper of music means you have to make certain sacrifices, to some this will mean a waste of discspace.

The appealing side of having such a wide (though not necessarily good) selection of music, is knowing that nearly anyone can sit down with your computer and find a song they like! Think of it as having a very deep and expensive wine cellar, just that in some shelves, you store things like coconut-beer and apple-strüdel alcopop as well.

Today I added songs by these artists to my library:
King Midas
Arctic Monkeys
Peter, Björn & John
Duke Special
The Arcade Fire
Paolo Nutini
Dirty Pretty Things
Modest Mouse


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