One hour ahead of ourselves

We plunge in to the startup-week of the most random holiday of the year.

Easter is close, which means we'll be having eggs filled with stationary, paper-clips, erasers, pens, staplers, markers and other important office-accessories which an easter can't go by without. That is the plan for the eggs this year anyway, according to the ('o mightier-we-are-not-worthy*) mother.

Last year I spent the most of this respected random holiday pushing compost through this compst-mashing-machine. I am sure there is a word for that, but even TriTrans couldn't help me with that.

Anyway, I spent the holiday tossing compost around, there were mostly branches and long, pointy, sharp and difficult things - most likely not fitting into the machine - that I had to work with. Consideriing the fact that it is actually a bit of fun doing that for the first two hours, the following three or four days may not be even remotely as enjoyable, even in the sun.
The sun makes freckles spawn in my face, brown spots like thirsty cattle to a water-hole, or the skin-disease to the inconsiderate and short-minded vagabond. Either way, they appear.

As I came back to school, people started telling stories about how THEY had spent their easter, places like Gran Canaria, Mallorca, Monaco, Thailand, even France, Greece or Italy - while as I - tanned and blonde as I may: Would admit that I had actually been spending easter watching rotten greenery getting chopped to bits by a very noisy machine.

Nobody on this snotty proper side of town would ever ever believe me, and they were mildly outraged to say the least!

On another note, my project called Skies is finally finished, I believe I mentioned it before (both in May and June and October). Well anyway I put it on YouTube for everyone to see!

Click here!



mini-Andy said...

erm Tora I need a translation on mini-Andy please!

I believe it's a regional Norweigian dialect...


Audun said...

I'd go for "compost cruncher".

Because I like the word cruncher.

I'll have a look at "Skies" tomorrow, too tired now.

Audun said...

That certainly was long, relaxing, and very pretty.

Have I seen pieces of that before btw?)

Tora said...

may be so, I don't know.

Some of the photographs have been posted in this blog already, so I suppose so.

Audun said...

Yeah, that's it I guess.

Word Verification: amgtay

"amgtay" could be a (insert difficult word I can't remember here) for "gayatm", which is not true, but still more sensible than amgtay.

Unless "amgtay" is the secret password to open the gates to the mines of moria.

Why was there such a fancy super-secure door on one side, and just a hole a in the mountain on the other side anyway?

Tora said...

The hole on the other side was very hidden, mind you - and most likely dug out by orcs. Don't you think?

I think the word you are looking for is abbrevation?
Am I right?

Audun said...

naah, there's that word for swapping the letters of a word around to make a new word.

Liek, Foss once found out that

Awesome Lowbies=Lame's bio: see wow.

It's the same letters, but in a different order.

I think it sounds a bit like "allergy".

I've been trying to remember that word for quite some time now that I think of it, would be sweet to nail it down, once and for once more.

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