After disappearing from school just three days into fall term, the man of mysteries; Alexander - has reappeared.

Tobias and I have been making up all these stories about his mysterious disappearance, all the teachers have ever been able to say has mainly been, "I don't know where he is, I suppose he is ill".

Coma was one of the top-ten, and even though it does sound more than extraordinarily unlikely, we still kept telling teachers he was away because he was in a coma.

Once we even claimed he was halfway to the moon by now, and that he may even be attempting to save the world one way or the other.

Well astronaut or patient, Alexander showed up today - to everybody's surprise, and it seems he has in fact just been ill, though ill for a long time. We will still be hoping that he saves the planet one day, perhaps he owes that to us, for keeping him alive for all this time.



Audun said...

Nutmeg has something do with food?

Now that's a surprise.

Now let me google "Meringue", and see if that could possible be related to food as well...

Too bad Alexander came back, it sort of ruins the whole concept.

Anonymous said...

not if he's a robot!

Audun said...

Or a platypus!

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