stop the bus!

This morning I had everything under control, I was right on time, and of course, seeing I am always late, I felt exceptionally pleased with it.

As I was just rounding the corner of the local youth club, I discovered to my horror that yours truly's bus was already letting passengers on! I started running, and I crossed the road in front of the bus while it was pulling over from the sidewalk and on to the road - doors closed. I gathered my hands to a small bundle and looked the bus driver in the eye, he pointed his thumb towards the door as it opened, and I hopped on board. Instinctively I said "Hurra! Takk!" which means "Hooray! Thank you!"

His reaction was to smile and laugh at me as I went to sit down.
And bus drivers hardly ever smile, so I suppose I did him a favour too.

Coming to think of it, I should've just turned back and gone home, because I think I am about to catch a cold.


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