Thoughts and love go out to "Otto", he is the most terrific and loving dog there is (well, except one)!
He is about the size of a bike, a pony if you like, weighing about 70 kilos, with golden fur and big, big big paws.

His most known trait is the drooling. One time when he was visiting here, he got the hots for our dog, she is a rotweiller and her name is Cleo - and he was literally drooling all over her.
She was soaking wet 24 hours a day for his entire stay, with a constant displeased expression on her face, every now and then trying desperately to rub against something to dry all the drool off - with varied results. Otto usually put his lion-like head on top of her back and stared intensely at her, thick and heavy drops of drool sliding down her back.


Otto has always run away, not because he has had a bad home - on the contrary I say, perhaps he just ran away for some adventure.
Anyway, recently a childrens nursery has set up right by his owners' house and he kept running away to play with the kids. He did nothing wrong, and even though he is a very big dog, he would never harm anyone.
All the complaints have led to that Otto have had to be transferred to a new family, but there was a rotweiller girl there which didn't like him, and he had to be transferred back again after just a month.


Otto can't stay where he is now, and he desperately needs a new home. I am trying hard to get him to move in here, I have always liked Otto a lot - and I am sure he would make a fine supplement to the house! He might be exactly what we need!
Though seeing not everyone is as keene as me at getting Otto under a roof - he might be homeless for a good while to come :(

Poor Otto.

Otto is a dog:

(Otto, six months old - half the size of a Taxi).


Sigrid said...


mvh "Otto til Sponhoggveien-komiteen 2007!

Tora said...

jeg er medlem av den klubben, hvis du skjønner hva jeg mener.

Audun said...

hva mener du?

Anonymous said...

Tante Bister er også veldig glad i Otto. Og Soffi er veldig glad i Otto. Og Ask elsker Otto. Alle vil Otto vel!!

Tora said...

da får vi duellere da.

Anonymous said...

Onkel Erik er ikke så glad i sikkelvåt Ask.......

Mum said...

"I have always liked Otto a lot - and I am sure he would make a fine supplement to the house! He might be exactly what we need!"

Please feel free to explain this sentence, Tora!

Tora said...

I feel very free already, thanks, mum.

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