Technic overpower

It is so good that the school which I attend has such good technical equipment. It is after all, the school displayed most in Norwegian media with hundreds of applicants each year.

The most important reason for many applicants for my school are the active and clever students brought forth by the wonder of laptops. The laptops are in technical absolutely great shape and if something by chance would not work as it is supposed to(!) the students have figured out several ways to get it back on track again. The most effective method is to take the laptop, hold it above your head and shake it a little, that usually kicks it right back into action. If that doesn't work, there are several other things one can do, like pressing all the buttons simultaneously and seperately, until you completely shut the internet down and pull out the battey with force. Then you only have to reinstall windows, and the rest is a walk in the park.

In every classroom the school board have installed a new speaker system with a subwoofer and bass-amplifier, but we really didn't need that because we have an overhead wich make funny sounds when we plug it in.
The technical blackboard of wonders "Smartboard" have been punctured a long time ago, every spanish-teacher have written "chapter 16" on every smartboard in the entire school with waterproof markers. To use this technical wonder of a smartboard, you have to use the projector which is fastened in the roof. This may seem a bit difficult in the beginning - but trust me, it's easy. The Projector usually has a kind of secret start-code which changes every time, it usually goes like this: "left arrow, right arrow, right arrow, exit, right arrow, on, off, right arrow, left arrow, left arrow, right arrow, left arrow, reboot". It can still seem a bit problematic to use the projector, because the classroom upstairs are always moving the furniture around so the projector is shaking. Though that doesn't really matter, the projector is set at an angle that shoots the images halfway out the window anyway.

At such a big school it is important that during class you have plenty of access to electricity, what is Norwegian-lesson without proper plugs for everyone? Well, you have to have lots of plugs in a school, so the school board thought it clever to put every single one of them in classroom p10. It is good to have so much power in the classroom, you need lots of heat when you sit still all day and the thermostat has frozen stuck on 5 degrees. To be entirely sure that all the electric appliances function optimally the fuse terminal box has been placed at a spot where it is especially easy to reach by naughty students, so they can peel the insides out with sharp pens.


Audun said...

they're stickin pens inside the terminal fuse box?

I hope they short the main fuses, would lighten em up a bit.

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