March, you bastard!

We did it again, can't believe we fell for it again, we so totally fell for it this time. March was faking this spring thing, and going all "oooh-plus-degrees" "ooh-oh-ooooh-all-the-snow-has-melted-oooh-look-at-me". And we were all "Aaah, zamg, teh snow is meltead awayz, it'z totailly zpring dingdang, take teh clothes offf!".

Today it snows in Oslo.
We are such fools!


Audun said...

Any norwegian that falls for that should move out of the country. This is Norway, land of the changing weathers.

Tora said...

there are not several weathers though, I think there is just one.

Audun said...

you have so much to learn, little grasshopper.

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