Starve the feeding world

Even though a blogger reach a certain point where one is bound to discover ones RSS feed is actually fully potent of feeding a small third world country, like Malawi or Ghana, there is this little squirming seed of inspiration that will eventually force you back to the keyboard again.

It is hard getting rid of old habits, especially habits which are addictive as well, addictive or fun.
Today I held a full bottle of "Flaggpunsch" in my hand, I could not buy it because I had forgotten to bring my 21 yr. old ID-card, which is a shame, honestly,
You see I have been in Sweden, in Kl├Ąppen in fact, snowboarding, and it was straight out faaaaaantaaaaaastic. It is a wonder I have yet to develop diabetes 2, because I have been eating an amount of sugar which is approximately equal to the amount of snow in which I have tumbled around in.
I realise now that it will be extraordinary difficult to wait for next winter, it is too long, and I am going to miss snowboarding this year more than previous years seeing I love it more now than ever ever ever ever before.

In Sweden I have also through my ears indigested an unhealthy amount of "High School Musical" and Phil flippin Collins, which can quite frankly go straight to Blokksberg and never ever come back. My ears are bleeding and weeping in a mixed soup of depression, anger, sadness, sickness and incredible frustration, I can't believe people expose themselves to such pain on purpose! They actually sit down and devour such utter shitty and horrible music, it is a disgrace for the music market as a whole, an insult to every instrument and certainly a form of speaker-system repetative rape. Some of the worse songs I have had to sit through, hating every second, damning every little annoying note and swearing to never do such a gruesome thing to my precious ears again! SERIOUSLY. Well it is not as if I had much of a choice, it was all forced on me, pressed down my throat like rust down a drain, scraping out my soul and leaving it fleshy and open. So much for socializing, you just realise that in the end, other people are just people with repulsive taste in music. Ain't it?

This weekend I am going to Bergen, there it will probably rain. Thank God I appear not to shrink in water.


Audun said...

Sounds like you had a great time then! ^^

Oh, flaggpunsch!

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