Minsc and his hamster Boo, the ones behind the name Bominski.
Some of you may not know her.


Sigrid m/Håkon said...

Hurra! Både Håkon og jeg kjente umiddelbart igjen heltene våre her vitter og råtner på den ekle, ekle handelshøyskolen i det fine været. Baldurs Gate 4 eva lizzm.

Foss said...

Luckily, they don't look like each other.

Audun said...

Indeed, neither Boo nor Minsc bears any resemblance to "Bominski" at all....

Foss! How nice to see you again!
Where have you been?!?


Smylexx said...

Hey Sigrid, IIIII was gonna say that!!

Anyhoo, I miss Bommypoos..but not nearly as much as Lyesmyth does.

He worships his hand-made Bominski-Shrine each morning and just before bedtime.

I find the little Bominski-Ceremony he does after every meal a bit sickening actually.

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