Seasonally Scottish

I was watching BBC Food again. and I had just finished around fifteen minutes of some very enjoyable Rocco's Dolce Vita, which is not as great as Giorgio Locatelli's Pure Italian, which is not, again, as good as Tony & Giorgio (with Tony Allan and Giorgio Locatelli).

Anyway, and suddenly "Seasonally Scottish" popped up, I have seen it before, it always have some pretty scenery in it and things. After the intro (containing as expected, a very great lot of scenery) and a short introduction, a voice says: "Today at 'Seasonally Scottish' we will be making blahblah and blahablahabalah for starters, blahblablblbla and some excellent blhahablah for the main course, for dessert we will be making a dark chocolate mousse cake..."

My toes curled, my spine twisted itself around my ribcage,my ears seemed temporarily clogged with whatnot and I could not hear what more the narrator said. All I knew as I sat there, my brain feeling horribly similar to Lemon and Meringue Pie, was that I had to shut the TV off, I had to close my mouth - and then, possibly - go and eat masses of dark chocolate.

It happens that I went to tidy my room instead, which was a shame really!


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