okay, so, Paolo Nutini

I know, seriously.

A person like me should not normally fall so easily for things like this, and I even posted a video in my blog - for everyone to see.
- Hardly very original, first off, he isn't original! But his looks are like an exotic and younger blend of Mick Jagger and Richard Ashcroft, the genre somehow uncignificant, all blended with something I am not quite able to place. The music is completely monotone, his voice though creative - bothers me in the long run.

Though of course he is still suitably anemic and tall, looks like he has not had a moment rest for at least five weeks, all topped with a f-a-n-t-a-s-t-i-c dark (mind you) hairdo. The lyrics are easy to remember, but not even near quality songs like those of ... Arctic Monkeys for example, which in my opinion is top-class poetry and also has strong relevance with an actual growth in the moderness of this century's music industry! Paolo Nutini's Lyrics has inspired the writer of this blog which by the way has a fantastic layout!

He will survive for a while on those good looks, and I wish him luck and that he doesn't flop. Perhaps there's a chance he might manage it - even though he's from Scotland.


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