Coming up under the scope of writing literature is the matter of modernizing hell and heaven as the human race continue to evolve, and I promise - there will be escalators and wireless internet.

Not getting completely rid of old habits, not completely giving in to the modern way - how is the ordinary day at the office when working at cloud #9?

And what on earth happens when the dreaded report comes in, and suddenly there has to be changes?

Plastic clouds and fake blood in replacement for the real thing, nylon stockings doing the job for chains, and plastic bags for wings. Who will step up to whip order into after-life as we know it?

Will you?

Find out and read on, work in progress ;)

Tora © 2007

This is my favourite bit:
-"Cardboard stalactites? How does that even save money? It probably cost more to have the real ones removed! What's the use of stalactites made of stiff paper? - And what in the flying fluttering flop did they do to the real ones?" Marcus said, having read over Elliot's shoulder, now yelling partially out the window of the office.
-"I believe you will find that your matress has been replaced" Elliot replied, sounding pessimistic. There was a small grunt as Marcus continued to read, and the next line only infuriated him further.
-"The Steps of Pain Equal to Nine Million Rounds Through IKEA™ is being replaced by an escalator?! What will become of this place?! It is a hell for shirt-lifters n' old ladies! That's what it is! Next you know it they will make the coffee machine make exclusively de-caf! Who do they think they are?!" Outraged, Marcus stretched out for a cigar - but before his eyes the decorative Cuban box became a little tin of B-Vitamins. His ears emitted little dots of annoyed smoke.


Audun said...

pewpew, can't wait to read the rest!

You're pretty far out, or pretty when you're far out, or both, or something else too, I'm not sure.

But you're definitely far out.

And you must pwn norwegian/english "stil-oppgaver".

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