The Dark Knight

WOW. To keep it short and simple. Go see it again! Got to love Batman, it was better than the newest Hulk film, which was brilliant as well! GO! FILM! Also I watched Kronks New Groove (that is The Emperors New Groove 2) yesterday - and it was brilliant! It was a birthday present from Audun. Thank you so much Audun! W00t!

I found a draft for an e-mail in my Gmail draft box, it was saved some time in April - and the title is Bompitequila.

Explain please?


Audun said...

You're whalecum!

Has Skjalgieboi seen the Batman movie too? I need to go and see it

Calu said...

Havent seen it yet, i know epic fail, but cant wait!

But looky; the sequel is rumored to feature Deep! And Jolie! woot

Audun said...


Foss said...

Don't believe the rumours, calu. That's a very bad page with all sorts of nasty stuff.

I went to see DK again last night. It's quite rare for me to see a film at ze cinema, but it was unprecedented for me to go twice. That's how good Dark Knight is.

I predict Carlton Reese (the accounts guy who found out batman's identity) will become the Riddler. Mr Reese = Mysteries?

Calu said...

Yeah, i did read somewere that there was a person who had some bits pointing towards him being the riddler..

But it would have been awsomely great if it was infact deep :(

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