Dear reader

I'm so terribly sorry for not updating, it makes me feel bad. Believe me - I spend several waking hours thinking "I should update my blog". "No, really. I should update my blog". That's what it's here for, yeah?

These days it's hot in Oslo, and everybody is at the beach or at their cabin, or in Spain or Greece, or whatever. Except me of course, I'm stuck here, smelling and rotting away like a partly digested carcass in a mildly damp ditch. Actually it's not that bad. I took Torstein to see the new Opera house, surprisingly it wasn't as ugly as I was suspicious of, but we should've worn shades because it was so white and bright and shiny.

I work though, that's what I do. I work and sleep and eat. Especially the latter. I have nothing better to do, we don't even have BBC Food, So I eat. I've done a drawing over the past few days, which was nice. Not necessarily the drawing, but the meditative aspect of concentrating on something. I'm also looking forward to starting school. I think it is the first time in my life that I'm actually looking forward to that. Not that I've been treated bad at school or anything, but I've never had a subject I've actually liked.

Hmm. Except perhaps art. But that is not really a subject, is it? Now that I've burst the un-blogging bubble, there's suddenly so much to say! Fab.

I wonder what would happen to my family if World of Warcraft suddenly disappeared off the face of the earth...? Probably nothing good. Maybe we'd explode. Not me in particular, but I bet I'd be pretty near when it goes "Boom!". Wops. Just ignore all the present tense. Your router is safe with me <_<


Witchieboobs said...

I love the hot weather. It's a really, really good excuse to eat a lot of ice cream, right?

But I want school! School will be awesome, indeed, looking forward to it a lot. Education in game design will be super-awesome.

I looked up the Java, How to Program book at, and apparently it's at 1500 pages. And it weighs about 2 kg, which is half the weight of my laptop. I imagine that is quite heavy to just be a book. Luckily I'll only need two books. :)

Have you decided on school yet?

(And I think a lot of the world would die if World of Warcraft disappeared. At least I would.)

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