Infallible Creativity Supply of the century

A lot of people experience draughts, you know - when you can't think of a single idea - or anything out of the ordinary, everything coming out of your mindhole is perfectly ordinary things - papermills, paved streets, lightbulbs. What lacks is the it. The it - factor - oh what a ridiculous thing, really. The it. Who's got the it, who has it now? Is it mine? Is it yours? Who even invented the it? The what? It needs a name, though, doesn't it? It gets confusing, I use the it word all the time - while as it can be hard to tell whether I'm going on about it, or some completely other kind of it. The one who came up with the it in the first place had to be lacking it. If a person with the it-factor had invented the it-factor - that person would have thought of a better name for it!
So let's call it Icsc. Pronounce it like it was a czech wedding ceremony, or alternatively something in Hebrew.

I admit you'd have to be pretty thick not to be able to spot the Icsc in a person when you meet them. As a typical Icsc person would have that certain air of recognition, it's an attitude thing. That surge of warm, enlightening energy - preparing to broaden your horizon of ideas and quirks. I've met a lot of creative people in my life, and I think they deserve a lot of respect for having that in them. But if I've met a lot of Icsc people?

Not a lot. To be fair. I can't possibly sum up a list of characteristics, or how to spot one of them, you'll know when you do. It's hard to misunderstand, or - as a matter of fact I'm starting to wonder if it really is hard to catch on to, might be why we don't see a lot of them, they're all locked up, aren't they? In dark cellars.

Maybe that's a better place for them, after all - they're all so incredibly wonderful it will make the rest of us look bad.


Foss said...

Judging by the closeness of this post and the Smy post, I'm guessing you think Smy is one of these lcsc people?

Also: Look at the state of you! You look like you've been rolling around in paint. Seriously, get yourself cleaned up before the neighbours see you.

Kida said...

I don't get it. The pig is the bubble? Or is it a symbol of the roundness of the pig. This is very deep tora. I am confused.

Foss said...

Please deliver 4 high class prostitutes to my dockyard warehouse within the next hour. Also, bring vines.

Foss said...

PS - Elin, I like how your picture is a mirrored tribute to my picture. Thanks.

Audun said...

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