Hello world!

Oh Hello! I feel like such an idiot for not updating more often, I have (actually) been blogging for several years (even though I am not sure this even counts as "several years" - seeing I don't post very often at all, and when I do it is usually not relevant to the concept of this blog or anything, this being said if this blog had a particular concept).

So, what is all this
www.cuil.com search engine schmuffle all about? Well actually, I'm fairly up to date! They launched just a couple of hours ago. But anyway. Apparently it's an old Irish word for knowledge, and it searches through three times as many pages as Google and ten times as many as Microsoft (according to Cuil). So, to put this to the test I tried googling "Thoughts of a Viking" - and my blog (this blog, the one here - that you're reading, or maybe you just stopped reading, but I wont know, and then you wouldn't know that I said it, wrote it, or well - er, anyway) came first. I'd say that's a good thing! So as a comparison I cuil-ed "Thoughts of a Viking" to see what came up there. And you know what?

I got seven pages of results and I wasn't even there! Can you believe it?! Well, obviously, I wont let this put me off from using Cuil, because you kno
w it looks kind of sweet with its pimped up black and blue layout and the images and categories. And to be honest I just don't feel comfortable about monopolies, everyone are going on and on about Google (don't get me wrong, I'm actually a Google-geek (What? What just happened? Er. Half my post just disappeared right after I published it. Now what on earth is that supposed to mean? What the flux? ehm, I'll duplicate it the best I can then, I guess.) damn you Google, I was in the middle of a praise! Duuh, don't bite the hand that feeds you, sweetcheeks, you really shouldn't! Well, as I was saying--

I have Gmail, iGoogle (frontpage), Google Calendar and I blog through Google (yes, this here blog) and what about YouTube? (Or should I say GooTube?). So it feels nice with a little breath of fresh air here on the intarwebnets, we need it! And I'm sure Google is up for the snazzy challenge. Good luck Cuil! (It's pronounced "cool". Yeah, I know! Cheesy!)

This is from Lofoten! Woot! It was the view from the cabins where we stayed (this June).


Calu said...

The reason i use google and will never use this cuil thing is simplicity, im using search to find my infomation, not to browse its site. Google dose this perfectly. Cuil not so much, damn flashy bits and look at how the results are alligned!

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