Wacom power

Right now I'm sitting with my very pretty bluetooth wacom pad, it lags just a little bit, but as far as I can tell so far - at least it's working! Which is a good thing. This means that I'll be able to draw digitally, and instead of taping my drawings to the attic ceiling (which is now the case, after covering the walls) I can just store them as jpg.s! Whoho!

Last night there was a massive thunderstorm, and there was lightning and thunder and SO MUCH rain, haven't seen rain like that since Singapore! It was crazy. For every lightning the night changed into day, and then crackled away back into night again. A real proper summer storm!

Hm. And that's about it! - except this beautiful poem (that I'm going to write right now without being able to edit it - not even typos!)

I was staring at the sun for a moment or two
I got stuck and couldn't look away, even though I had things to do
the point is, the problem, I was thinking of you

Naaawhhh!!! Now, you go! Schmoo schmoo!


Audun said...

She left her table, that was my cue
But I couldn't follow, I was stuck like glue
The point is, the problem, I was thinking of you!

Hmm, at least that was slightly less emo than the first one I tried.

And yeah, the weather last night was great. Øystein said there had even been lightning between the clouds, lighting the clouds up in some weird colours. I've never seen that before.

Foss said...

She'd put on her make-up so beautifully
But much as she tried, 'twas wasted energy
The point is, the problem, I was thinking of Me!

All because I'm so fucking awesome, and you crazy bitches love me!

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