Autumn Break, again!

First Friday of Autumn Break was well spent in someones smokey-apartment, wheezing around in a fog of... whatever it was. A very pleasant way to spend a Friday if you ask me, lots of funny people from Bergen. A girl I talked to was wondering if she'd ever met me before, I kind of got the feeling like we had met - and she asked me if I had any friends in the Folk-Music business. I said no, and then I went behind a corner to laugh until my contacts wiggled.

I also talked to an electrician, he was going to Trondheim to study to become an Electro-Engineer, and two of the Bergenese were attending "Noroff" artsy-fartsy school. They studied music-stuff, and were going to see Dreamtheater tonight, I thought that was kind of cool.

At some point I manage to fall asleep in the kitchen, sort of half-sitting over the kitchen counter, wrapped in blankets. Some time later I wake up in a sofa with a poodle (still dressed, mind you), I thought that was fairly odd, but the poodle was very nice, and it didn't snore or fart or anything. I fall asleep and then wake up again in the sofa, this time with Liv-Elin next to me. It was all very confusing.

We manage to stumble home to Mari's apartment at around five in the morning, we all fall asleep almost the moment we get there, but I'm very cold. At nine I wake up, write a note and leave. I heave myself on some unknown bus and find myself going off again at a whole different place, not really sure where, but there were trees and a man in a coat with an umbrella. I get on a different bus, and I know it's going the right direction, only to go off at the correct stop to discover that the tram is not arriving for another twenty minutes. So I walk a fair distance, cold and feel rather bamboozled by the public transport system. I get on the tram as it finally stops in front of me. On board, the faces around me are as cold and quiet as me, some cases are even worse, shivering and groaning and I can't help but feeling very very sorry for them.

As I get off, a guy smiles, and says "Good Night" to me. I think that fairly made my day, and I wave at him.
A picture of Dreamtheater, lololol.


Smylexx said...

Ok, two questions...

First of all you mention that you woke up with a poodle -still dressed. Do you mean that the poodle was dressed or that you were? I've seen pictures of dressed-up poodles and they usually have fabulous taste.

Secondly, you DO look a bit folk-rocky, have you ever been in the folk-rock business? Can you play the accordian?dwn

Smylexx said...

Forget that 'dwn' bit at the end. that isnt a new cool txt-spk thingy. it was, in fact, a mistake.

My second mistake this year. I've now used up my quota until 2008.

In fact, maybe i could pretend it WAS txt-spk.... yeah.... it erm..it err....means "Down Wit' Noddy".

Yeah, it's ghetto slang for people who are on first name terms with little elves with bells on their hats.

Tora said...

Well I was still dressed, the poodle hadn't been wearing anything in the first place.

Folk-rocky? The only thing I can play is the nintendo Wii, and I'm not even very good at that.

Calu said...

Oh lord that sounds like quiet a night!

I wish i had the ability to party like that! I tent to just get drunk in the back, due to my shyness, and later mess something up and hide embarrassed somewhere.

Tora said...

well I just fell asleep, I don't think that sounds much better to be honest :p

But it was lots of fun just right before that!

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