Firefly, Sharpen Up

Grapefruit, Passionfruit & Yerba Maté

Attention drifting? Little grey cells all out to lunch?
Focus your mind with our all-natural Sharpen Up
formula. Tangy grapefruit and passionfruit,
buzzing with herbal extracts. Hello brain.

Contains Siberian Ginseng, Clever bits.

That's what I had to drink yesterday. If anyone know what Yerba Maté is, please tell me, I have strange blue spots on my feet, and frothy liquid is starting to pour from them.


Smylexx said...

i believe that 'Yerba Maté' is drunkenese for 'You are my very best friend!'

The only thing i can say when i get REALLY drunk is 'nnnnnnarrrniaa'. You wouldn't believe how many times i've ended up in a mystical wintery kingdom after saying THAT to a taxi driver.

Tora said...

:O What a grand idea! I will do that,

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