Norwegians are getting in business trouble for not being good enough when dealing with other cultures. Apparently Norwegian companies loose contracts, credibility and sometimes even get the wrong stuff - meaning, basically, that they order one thing and a monkey-eyed-flipper-scoop-with mounted lazer-socks arrive in the mail.

The government, is apparently, extremely worried and grown-ups are advised to sign up for evening classes and such to improve their skills. What which did concern me a little was the dinky paragraph at the very bottom with a comment about how the future generations would handle it. The curriculum for students from 12 years and up have just been completely redone, and, ironically, lots of language has been removed out to prior... other things. Not sure what that would be, but less language, over all, being replaced by... Something.

And how exactly can anyone be worried about the language and cultural understanding of todays kids? Over the internet your kids meet at an average a hundred different cultures each month (depending obviously) and learn from it. We are surrounded by so many languages and cultures that I'd rather say it'd be a problem to tell them a part rather than knowing they exist. Hello Globalized future! Good bye lost in translation!

... One problem could actually be that in the future we're all just going to say:
"Hi, How r u??! WTB OTFH? I gt 2 many, ned 2 get rid of dem, lol"*
So, there'll be no cultural differences, and... And... er... Where was the problem again?
I forgot! Have a nice day!
* Translation:
"Hello, how are you doing? Do you want to buy an oxygen tank for your house? I have got plenty, and at a reasonable price, too! Hehe"


Audun said...

My kids are using the internet?

But I've told them not to!


have fun, queer guy. kill ponies and hags.

not audun said...

this article solves all the issues about languages:

Language Idea

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