How to be a better person

Don't you just love people?
I know I do!
Well, sometimes I hate them a bit, but there are loads of people that I like, and they are good people that can set an example to anyone.
So, here, now you learn how to be a better person - so that I can learn to like you too!

1. Listen - nod, smile, laugh. At least pretend like you care.
2. .... Hmmm

No, that about sums it up.


Smylexx said...

Dolphins smile constantly. We could happily smile while a Gummy Bear chews off its own feet or a My Little Pony breaks its neck while brushing its hair.

We cant help it.

Tora said...

*cries uncontrollably*
b-but, the ponies!!

Smylexx said...

They shouldn't brush so flippin' hard then, should they?

Flippin ponies! Pah!

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