The day after! What a powerful word, what a resolute waste of space.
One wakes up with a lust to die and spend the entire morning having quite similar urges.
The worst bit must be the dimness, that reality is shakily displayed through a film of confusion and pain. And cold. Goosebumps and a vocal chord that smells like cigarettes, not that I have been smoking, but everyone else has.

Hair has a horrible texture, like someone has had it down their throat and chewed on it.
It carries a beer scent, something much like hairspray, shoes, smokes and something bitter, it makes me want to burn it off. The heat would be refreshing too, in this cold.

I don't bother eating anything but a tomato, and I go to school still wearing last night's makeup - and all that's left of the beautiful, curled hair is a pathetic knot.
I'm sensitive to light, to sound, so fragile and tired - though most of all freezing cold. I had three hours of sleep, and now look like I fell from the moon in a bag of dead cats.

Turns out that I had written "Slave to the Rave" on the arms of anyone within reach. The other students look about as fresh as I do and have "Slave to the Rave" written up their arms, breath like deceased sea-urchins. God knows who gave me a permanent marker, a ridiculous idea. I try to look innocent, but it's kind of transparent - who else would do such a thing?

The teachers are nice, no loud noises, no double syllables, just simple, slow-paced tasks. They are too difficult, we want to sleep.
From Italy, in a mentioned state.


Foss said...

It's been over a week since I last smoked. Yay me!

Also, my word verification is psfphn. This sounds like pissphone when spoken. I can't imagine what the crazy shits at blogger were doing when they came up with that.

"Can I use your dictaphone?" "No! Use your hands like everyone else."

Tora said...

that's excellent!
You've done it once before, it will be easy as peas this time ;)

No dictaphone... Cry now :(

Audun said...

Beer hangovers are the worst for me.
I always wake up feeling as if someone have been sitting on me all night.

Russetida som er igang eller?

Tora said...

revyfest :/

Audun said...

Oooo, kulturelle unnskyldninger for flatfylla!

Finfiffen i aksjon!


(Oooo, culture-excuses for getting leathered!

Watch out for the upper classes!)

Smylexx said...

Beer Monkeys: Mythical Simian like creature that magicly appears during the middle of the night to Ruffle your hair, shit in your mouth and nick £50 out of your wallet while you sleep.

The more violent of them also like to repeatedly hit you in the head with a toffee hammer.

Calu said...

Iv never seen anyone write about a hangover and made it sound like it was actually a paperback novel..

Once again I'm intrigued by your writing hon. hope the hangover didn't kill you in the end ;)

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