Tadaa! Suit- man

At the mall where I work there is this giant foodstore, and everytime I'm there, this very happy guy in a suit is mopping the floor. He smiles so broadly I am afraid this one time he will snap in two, and his eyes have become tiny slits from all the smiling - it is a wonder he can see at all!

He has what most people lack these days, at least in Norway, he is proud of his work! He does what he do with dignity! And everyone be damned to get up from their complaining arses and respect that. He probably knows that his job (mopping the floor in a big store) is not atop the foodchain - but it doesn't appear to have any effect on him.

-and in a suit! What a fantastic appearance! We all have lots to learn from him, especially how to smile like that.


Audun said...

Top of the food chain, in a foodstore, and you didn't make a point of it.

You missed out on a great bad joke there!

Also: I agree, people in low-profile jobs can be happy too^^

Smylexx said...

As a dolphin, i'm incapable of removing the permanent silly smile from my face. I'm grinning now. And now too.... and also now!

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