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In Norwegian class at school this semester, we have quite a big assignment about literature. We are set to read from 2-3 novels by one Norwegian author, or 2-3 novels by different Norwegian authors about the same theme. We are then to interpret, explain, analyze and by all means rip the books apart with words on a giant paper we are going to write about it. And I mean giant.

So, I have had some difficulty picking what authors I want to read, and I am running out of time on making a decision. There are many good authors out there, even good Norwegian authors, but at the moment I am not really that inspired - not with reading, writing Or drawing for that sake. I am trying to focus, but all I do is I pick things up and then fiddle with them a bit before putting them down again only to glare with an uninterested intensity at them.

Of course this draught happens every now and then, and only movies, music and literature is what which can kick my inspiration back into action, and everything will be sunny and simple again. So I was thinking, and only hypothetically; that perhaps if I did it well enough, I could invent a Norwegian author, three great plots and play around with them as I liked - if there's something I wouldn't understand, or if I ever got stuck - I could just mould it into what I want it to be like! I mean, I could come with the most deep interpretations, spout as much shit as I would like - and basically be free to do with it as I like.

Not would it just be a) exciting, b) challenging and by all means c) rewarding (if I can do it), but it would also be d) a great inspiration and something I could learn something from!

With a bit of internet-magickz, perhaps I could forge a bit of a story!

It's only a thought, but you know, maybe it'd be fun!

Cleo is wearing a funny corset to prevent her from licking her wounds


Smylexx said...

Cleo would've worn it anyway. It brings out her eyes.

As for the author thingy, Can he be called Kurt Stongholde? He'd be a Norwegian detective thriller writer and all the murders would take place in Norway and every victim would be killed by either a horned Viking helmet or a piece of farming equipment...or by swallowing a longship.

By the way, George Orwell's real name was Eric Blair. How dull.

Tora said...

......... That was fast o_o

Tora said...

and who's George Orwell?

Smylexx said...

I was just passing and as we all know, it's all in the...... ............... .......... ................ ............timing.

I'm gonna forget you asked about Mr Orwell as the sentence offends me.

Anonymous said...

Arild Nyquist. "Frisørstol og tomater", eller "Der humlene suser", eller... jeg husker ikke flere.
Han skrev delvis sinnsyke bøker.
Tante Bister

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