Imagine if it all fell down!

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I was peacefully wiping dust and washing the large glass shelf at work today. Behind it is a grand mirror and there's spotlights all over it so all the wineglasses, carafes, vases, bowls and colourful glass plates sparkle immensely. It is quite a sight.
Well I was standing on a ladder, wiping this repulsive ranbow-spew-coloured glass plate, mainly while thinking of other things when a little girl and her mother walked past the store. They were walking hand in hand, her mother wanted to speed up, but the girl was walking slowly, pacing steadily past the store - taking it all in with her amazed gaze.
Before passing it entirely she stopped and looked up at her mother real serious and said; "Tenk hvis alt dette falt ned og knuste på en gang! Da ville det vært veldig farlig å gå der". Her mother just nodded, eager to get moving, and then they disappeared, the girl still sucking in everything she could from the shelf before disappearing.

I just thought it was funny how caught up she was in the consequence of the disaster.
"Think if all of this fell down and smashed at once! Then it would've been very dangerous to walk there".



Smylexx said...

Be thankfull that you don't work in the Banana Peel, Ball Bearing and Roller Skate factory, Viking girly!

Calu said...

Dont the rest of you ever have thoughts like the little girl?

honestly, i do, ponders over obvious questions such as this..

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