September music!

Can't believe it's September already, or, more accurately; that September is soon over and done with! Time sure disappears, spend it wisely.

Well, as I said, here's the music:

Decepticons - Ugress
Shadows and Doubts - Ugress
Transformers Theme - Mutemath
Will You Please Be There For Me - The Reindeer Section
Raindrop - The Reindeer Section
Offshore - Chicane
Saltwater - Chicane
Close to You - Carpenters
Energy 52 - Paul Okenfold
Coffee and Cigarettes - Augustana
Hard Rain - Shout Out Louds
Walnut Tree - Keane
Colder - Travis

In other news, I'm going to walk the dog, and I'm done with the wretched homework, and I've joined Facebook :(
So if anyone feel like sending me Anthrax please do, because I feel ashamed, and these songs can't fix it. But Irritating Noises by Bent can, as always.

I gave up my super powers so we could be together
But I didn't suit your world then I kissed you so you wouldn't remember
And I love you, little baby, but I can't take the silent pauses
I like the orange glow but not the irritating noises.

*hops up and down* Apple crumble!


Foss said...

This time last year I was getting ready to come visits. Can't believe it's already been a year!

Also, I'm on facebook. Look me up, add me, poke me and let me turn you into a zombie. Snort.

Tora said...

I know, I've thought of that! Kind of crazy :D You should come again, it was good fun!

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