Brush up your language, boy

I just downloaded a custom brush plugin for Paint.NET and over 200 brushes which is quite SNAZZY if I might say so myself. I know I really should be drawing in photoshop, but the primitive tools in Paint.NET makes it so much more challenging! I don't want everything to "look nice" because of well-written, expensive software, I want my technique and "skill" to be what makes the images come together, not a garbazillion* blend effects. Right? Do it the hard way! I think maybe struggling with the basics will give me a better chance at accomplishing more complex imagery when the time is right. Yesyes!

The weather's been reeally nice lately, except of course from yesterday when it was raining like cheese and crackers. In other news our newest family member Ulla is slowly getting the rhythm of this joint by calming the frutz** down, which is about time. She's got so much energy and she's always bouncing about like a deer havin' had her cocktail spiked. We bathed her and she looked just like a closely shaved sheep, like Shaun. I can't wait for summer and revising for exams is so boring I don't think I am able to emphasize the boreditty*** or dangerously dull potential it has. Really.

I like playing around with language, even though I will be accused for destroying it in the end. But that doesn't really matter really, as long as I don't have to take a swim in the ocean yet. Brrr! Which reminds me that we all have to squeeze ourselves into bikini's any time now, which is really half (past) eight****, if you know what I mean. Yeah you do. Now look what I did today!

Before: (Just the basic outline and text)

After: (the background I cheated using blurs and tiles - but no cheat brushes!)

* This is not a real measurable amount.
** Frutz is a Norwegian ice-cream made of fruits, but it sounds like a skin-condition (Sorry, I can't make it, I got frutz all over me eyelids), so I use it as a cuss-word.
*** This isn't a word.
**** This means that something is in poor shape, or looks a little down, 08:30 is appointed time for shabbididitty*****
***** NO.


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