Our little bundle of hair has arrived, we picked her up yesterday. In fact she's quite a bully, and I think we're definitely going to have a handful with her. No doubt. But she appears to be getting housewarm fairly quick. She probably wishes there was more playfulness left in Cleo (which is already quite cheeky for being 10 years old), but there are limits for what even the most tolerant Rottweiller can take. Which is fair enough.

Sigrid and Axel are coming home for a bit to adore this little lump until they get sick of it and go back to Bergen.

We're still at loss with the name, but we have to settle on something soon!


Anonymous said...

Call her Lazereyes. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Ruth. Selvskrevet navn for en så vakker ung hund.
Vi kan kanskje snart vise frem en ny baby vi også...
Tante Bister.

Tora said...


Foss said...

Lazereyes is a reserved name.

But Ruth, that is actually a really good name for a poodle! It's sensible, yet also silly because it's onomatopoeic.

Everyone loves a dog that can say it's own name. RUTH! RUTH!

Smylexx said...

Mistress Preciouspaws

Flootsie McDoggle


Poochie Flufftail

Ziggy Rarpuss

Auntie Beryl

Cloudy Slobberchops

Foss said...

Automobile Smithson
Tarantula Daffodil
Garathor, the bunjee collector
Diplomacy Jones

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