Here's a refreshingly "pop"-influenced playlist for you. It is maybe a little unorthodox of me, I'm aware of that. But on the other hand, I don't like the idea of narrowing down to "genres" as it's not exactly very open-minded. Something I feel we really should be about music. Have in mind that some sexy electronica and a bit of superdark 80's tribute, depression rock fell in there, so don't take anything for granted to be pop-music. Here goes sweetie-pie, hang on to your knickers!

The Fear by Lily Allen Now I was surprised by the conviviality of this upbeat tune, but I like it.
Walking on a Dream by Empire of The Sun This video suddenly popped up on VH1, and I felt happy! Very sheek.
No Excuses by Air France I believe this daaahling to become an all-time summer classic, love it.
Somewhere a Clock is Ticking by Snow Patrol And here's an old blast from the past!
Jump in The Pool by Friendly Fires Going to see these at Roskilde, and yes I DO want to jump in the pool.
From The Stars by White Lies This ma new favourite dark and depressing track, got so much energy though.
Sushi by Kyle Andrews And this one, this one is just CRAZY-. AHA whwiow ohh.. Iih. 

MreeeoooowwhH! Thank you and good night.

Here's another picture I took in Molde, Norway.


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