Happy work tiemz

It's been a delightfully busy day today. Not too long queues, people have been reasonably pleasant and the weather is quite nice (I think). Shop across the hall is actually not playing disgusting RnB, hiphop-pop, but chill-out jazz. It's nice as a variation, at least. Tomorrow is May 17th. And as everyone here would already know, it's the 137th day of the year - AND the national day of Norway.

So, naturally - we'll all be "walking in trains" meaning; having parades and waving our flag and being really nationalistic. In addition we'll eat a lot of ice cream, sausages, cake and potentially strawberries. Needless to say, it's a good day to be Norwegian.

I giggled at the ingredient list of my Innocent Blueberry, Pomme Granate & Acai smoothie, too, it went like this:

76 Grapes
2 1/2 Bananas
1 1/2 Pomme granates
2 Oranges
160 Blueberries
100 Acai berries
A little lemon juice
No trumpets

No trumpets? We'll I'd flippin hope not! Happy May 17th you bubbly little jaccuzzi fizzer.


Tempus said...

Well they have to tell you there are no trumpets. Smoothies with trumpets blows.

Tora said...

aha. aha. ha. ha.

Tempus said...

Sorry I just had to. :S

Tora said...

:D haha. I know. I probably wouldn't have resisted myself. Actually I pretty sure I know I wouldn't.

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