It been Googled, so it be truth

1. Type in "[your first name] needs" in the Google search:
Tora needs a safe environment in which to learn how to trust and be around humans again.
2. Type in "[your first name] looks like" in Google search
Have you realized how much Tora looks like a hamster? o_O
3. Type in "[your first name] hates" in Google search:
Tora hates humans and Tenquo seems to be the only person in the whole world who is the one and big exclusion
4. Type in "[your first name] goes" in Google search:
Tora Goes to the City
5. Type in "[your first name] loves" in Google search:
6. Type in "[your first name] eats" in Google search:
Tora eats Sushi with a lot of Wasabi
7. Type in "[your first name] has" in Google search
Tora has held a variety of political positions, most recently as a Senator from 2001
8. Type in "[your first name] works" in Google search:
Tora works from command line but not launcher 
9. Type in"[your first name] lives" in Google search:
Tora lives in a poor household with her drudging mother and a brutal step-father who subjects her to repeated ...


Foss said...

FOSS needs a central bug tracker

Beregorn said...

William Eats the Whole Goose Giclee Print by John Tenniel...

William hates who he's become...

(Prince) William looks like he got some hairplugs...

Tempus said...

Hans needs 100 more helicopters for hub and spoke project.

It wasent the first one. Is that cheating?

hans eats a lot of food in different languages translation.

I might have skipped the first part there.. Well, google shows the truth, but truth can be bended!

Hans likes to fool around with the waitress Maria Recamier - while the Colonel prefers Yvette Carte-Blanche - of which he partakes preferentially with egg ...

Here i might not have cropped away enuff... also was from the second page..

Yep, Hans looks like Mr. Southerland indeed.

Aha... i knew it!

Hans hates hybrids

Hmm, they know i play wow? sneaky sneaks!

Tora said...

I didn't take the first ones either, not every time at least. Simply because they lacked sense to such an extent it wasn't funny, just confusing.

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