A tree and some music

I took a picture when walking around the river with my dog, Cleo. I really like how the sunlight tainted it. I got little to nothing to blog about today. So have some music, thank you.

Early May Playlist:
Engines - Snow Patrol
Black and White Town - Doves
Maybe I Can Change - Keane
Racing Green - High Contrast

Must Hear Springtime Classic Playlist:
Millionaire - Kelis ft. Andre 3000
Standing Next to Me - Last Shadow Puppets
North West Three - Fatboy Slim
I'm Not Alone - Calvin Harris (give it a little time to warm up! Approx. 44 seconds).

Oh, and the poodle is settling in just fine, I think. Cleo is not exactly mothering it because the newcomer's a little pest and is stealing the spotlight.


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