The Darkness

It's out of the dark - literally and actually in every sense - as the sun is now engulfing our lives with remarkable persistence. Spring is actually quite nice, I think - not the best time of the year as it is quite undecisive, spring. It really is. One day it snows, one day it's sunny. Cold in the morning, warm in the afternoon. But not quite warm enough. But either way, as we shed the winter fur and allow ourselves to be warm by other means once more - it is time to do springtime things like we did it as kids. You know.

Be baffled by chirping birds, a peeing dog, a passing taxi, a nice looking pebble. Eat grapes until you get a rash on your belly, skin your knee while failing at climbing a tree. Pick some dandelions and have sticky, bitter-tasting fingers all day. Stumble in your own velcro-kicks and play with spilt oil in a puddle, using a stick - pretending to be the weather man. Sing a song you don't really know, but that made sense when you were mixing the mud with the sand in the broken bucket. Hit some kid over the head with a small book about piglets and yes and no.

Kick a ball but fall on your behind. Have sand in your pockets, and wave at the school children. Put a snail in your mouth and run to your sister saying "WRRBbllgraaahahhGrgghbbl!" Try spitting farther than the boys. Drink from a cup using both hands while actually being too excited to have time to drink. Run like you have a condition with your pelvis and the coordination of a mangled action-man.

This is how we used to live, as children. Remember?

I dare you.

It'll be the best springtime ever. 

(picture of the sky - for you particularly slow ones. I took the other day).


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