Neeew moosic

I know that you woke up today and thought; "Dang! What have Tora written about new music lately, really? It has all been old recycled stuff we've heard of before, it's hardly indie at all!"

Well I am sorry. My apologies. It is just that sometimes I have (not necessarily better) but other things to do, than to scan the webnet for new, steaming fresh music for you. I know, it is because I don't love you, and that I take you for granted, you always feel stumped about the way I harshly ignore you. I don't deserve you. Let me make it up to you.

Now this band I discovered around Christmas, but I totally and absolutely forgot about it since then! Such a shame, they're awesomely chill and supersexy sweet, like a sticky toffee apple from the big apple itself. I give you New York band "Violens". Wonderful! Can't get enough! Especially the track "Already Oslo". Amazing.

Unfortunately that is really all I have time to hand to you at the moment.

This is my shelf, above my bed, when decorated for Christmas. Ehm. The lights are really the only addition. All the other things usually hang there.


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