Please save us

I don't know how many posts I'm going to devote to how shit most part of you lot are at commenting, because you really are. One thing I DO know however, is that this isn't going to be one of those posts.

We are in desperate need of sorbet. The Norwegian community is now reaching out to the world in a plea for some proper icily refreshing fruit sorbet. It is not that we can't get it anywhere, it is just that the (may I add) few, scarce places it is obtainable the sorbet will cost us and possibly foodpoison us. (Please keep in mind that I may be exaggerating just a little, but that the cause still do remain of utter importance).

You see, Norwegians are good at many things. Though when it comes to how good we are at food it is generally our dairy products that really outshine everybody elses. Really, we make the most sexy milk chocolate (snaps perfectly, not too sweet, melts just right, basically a complete chocogasm), fantastic cheese (you may have heard of the Jarlsberg), thick, fruitilicious yoghurts, awesome waffles and magical ice cream. BUT. I say but because I have to make it seem like a drawback; we're only brilliant with dairy based ice cream. Chocolate, vanilla, strawberry - you know, the basic ones (oh, and the creamy lemon one). We're really spectacular with them.

But sorbets :( No, we aren't actually very good with sorbets. Most Deli de Luca's in Oslo have an assortment of ice cream that is quite impressive, but we had some last night and I can't say I was enchanted by it. We've yet got such a lo0ng way to go before we're near central european standards of delish sorbet. REALLY.

Please, someone has to help us. Somebody do something!
I might cry.


Anonymous said...

tarei sammen, kalsium er godt for kroppen

Foss said...

Your first sentence already made it one of *those* posts.

Tsk tsk!

Tempus said...

Now, whats wrong with real icecream? I mean whats the point with sorbet, when its clearly not as tasty as proper icecream?

Oh yeh, and the dairy part is VERY true.

Tor said...

Dolce vita(idk if I wrote that right) Italian icecream store with really good sorbet. I recommend lemon flavor. The place is not far from Stortinget.

Audun said...

This is a public service announcement:

Tora, make sure to go and see the astronomy exhibition at Aker Brygge, between the Peace Center thingy and the Town Hall. You'll love it, guaranteed.

Wank you for your attention.

Bring Skjalg too.

Tora said...

OOh, splendid idea. Does it contain that same image you posted in your blog? The eye-thing? Because if so, I have already seen it loads of times.

Really beautiful!

Audun said...

Nope, haven't seen that picture there, but there are other pictures like HestehodetÄken (english: HestehuetÄka) there. I don't think they have the "Hand of God" there though.

Go see!!!!

Audun said...

And as for complaining about us not posting: The probability of me posting is proportional to the probability of you replying to the post. We comment your stuff, you comment our comments.

It's social symbiosis gone digital!

Ulrik said...

is it really a social symbiosis? I see it more as a social cause-and-effect system driven by general politeness in our society.

Oh and the sorbet problem. The solution is simple, just move to whichever country in close proximity of the medeterranian. As we all know, friends are replacable. A legendary sorbet is not.

Smylexx said...

Between fish courses at a seafood restaurant (where else would a dolphin go?), I had a stawberry and chilli flavoured sorbet which was delicious.

It was peppery-yet-sweet and 'cleansed' the pallette before the next bout of yummy fishy goodness!

Highly flippin' recommended...no really.

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