The Things I Do Like

I don't want this blog to be this immensely fueled by negativity, so to balance out my outbursts, here is some positive feedback for the world to become tranquil once more. Besides, I really like to make lists, they're nice I think.

I might have skipped some obvious ones, just because I think it is more appropriate to put on the "Things I LOVE" list. Right. I mean, I am pretty sure that I love food, but I also like food a lot, and not having it on the like list will be an insult to my own taste. I am sure there are things or concepts that I just like too much, so they overqualify and don't make it.

You will find that is the reason why you're not on it.

1. Food (especially eating or preparing it)
2. Music
2. Glitter
3. Things that glitter
4. Sleep
5. Toffee, like Thornton's
6. Liqorice (the salty variety)
7. Colours, bright ones
8. Laughter, especially others
9. Snowboarding
10. Reading books
11. Drawing
12. Soft things, like beds, or dough
13. Walking
14. The ocean (actually water in general)
15. Really amazing games, like Zelda, or Pikmin
16. Sunlight
17. Bubbles
18. Lists
19. Talking to strangers (making new friends!)
20. Dancing
21. Doing absolutely nothing
22. Fishing
23. To be inspired
24. The Mighty Boosh
25. Writing
26. Rain, the sound of rain, the feel of rain, the smell of rain
27. Changes
28. Thinking about things that make me happy
29. Otters

I took this picture in a beautiful garden in Lisbon, Portugal last year. I played around with it for a bit so it looks a little more dramatic.


Audun said...

Nice work on that picture, but I think chopping the poor girl's head off was bit over the top. Try to restrain yourself next time.

Ulrik said...

otters? Not that I disagree (although I do prefer ferrets when it comes to syllinder shaped furry things), but I don't see why they made it so high on the list :o

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