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Perhaps to enlighten the inhabitants of planet earth some in depth research on more trivial and meagre matters, like flavoured bottled water or diet-cereal could help solve our dietary and materialistic issues. Perfectly ordinary things are given a guise, a quality, ability or a shrewdness not common for the item -through chemical meddling during the production. It is feasible that our mood and lifestyle is more controlled and presumptively also more affected by the contents and appearance of household products than what we may think.

Complicated as this may sound - it is really all down to pulchritude. As a human we are born and raised into a divided world that provides us with the insight of what we like to see - and what we do not like to see. Everything has in our eyes a certain practical use; like food giving us nutrition; or a car taking us places. But for the aspect of necessity it's important to consider that as a person one also always view items as pieces of art, we always judge the books by the cover - such are the rules.

And I shit you not, your car also has to look fine, a custom paint-job, a commercial where it turns into a transformer and throws a party all over your tellybox screen. Additives, sweeteners, artificial colourings and preservatives are only useful to a certain extent. Most of the time it is just a matter of eyecandy - about the cover of the book. And it's logical! It makes sense! It was like the other day when I bought snacks for my dog, and I bought the one named "Funtastix" because it had the best name, and the prettiest packaging.

I'm not trying to be smug and tell you all what you already know, because we all know that we like to glorify things that really aren't all that nice. Really it is just ranting about our stupidity. We all know it, yet we all fall for it. The way we perceive beauty is a gift! How many other living creatures can separate beautiful from ugly, really? So as we have been blessed with this particular ability, I don't see why we can't abuse it - even for power and money. Morally it's practically repulsive, but technically it's not at all illogical - even if we did realize all the junk we add to our household is really just providing us with a safe quota of cancer and compulsiveness, we'd fall back to it.


Smylexx said...

are you trying to justify the amount of bling on your blog?

Stinky said...

why would making ugly things beautiful be morally repulsive?

getting rid of the uglyness surely isnt a bad thing is it?

Tora said...

I thought I said; making ugly things beautiful to sell(profit of) them as beautiful = morally repulsive?

Oh I don't know! Difficult language!

Mr Midget said...

It's not bad. That's why some people are sent away to places like Bergen and Trondheim.

Think of it as landscaping.

Audun said...

I am guessing that Tora was questioning what kind of content we are filling our lives with, that we sometimes focus too much on "pretty things" and that this makes us value outward appearances above inner qualities.

A thought spawned by working day in and day out in a crockerie shop perhaps, meeting hundreds of customers that are seeking more "life-content"?

However, as she also pointed out, being able to appreciate beauty in all forms is perhaps the greatest gift mankind was given. We must just not forget to appreciate the inner beauty.

Well, I have to go. Must meditate for two hours and then solve all the world problems! Take care! Don't bite!

stinky said...

but does the act of beautifying this world make up for the (ever so repulsive) act of profitting from it?

also, I just realized that my comments on this could be used by someone in an attempt to justify genocide.. I'd like to point out that that wont work. just 'cause.

happy meditating, and keep me posted on the solutions Audun!

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