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I wont have any of that "I think your Christmas-pimping of this blog has gone a bit overboard, missus". I just wont have it. Alright? Christmas is only once a year, in case you didn't notice. And if I want to turn my blog into an explosion of colours, stars, glitter, sparkles, ribbons, hearts, suns and rainbows - I flippin will. So I did. I even added christmas stockings.

Oh! You know what happened? - I was peacefully dredging through Glitter-Graphics.com (one of my very favourite websites) I suddenly noticed that the computer-generated Google-advertisement said, right next to "MySpace Layout",

Ads by Google
Hot latina banging a midget
MySpace Layouts
Blog Graphics
Free Image Hosting

I don't think I saw any, but I ran to the bathroom and washed my eyes in chlorine just in case, because you never know what you might find along your way through the intarnet.


Calu said...

Is the "hot latina" suppose to be a cat and since when dose "midget" not refer to small human but a kitchen scale?

Smylexx said...

Didn't happen to keep the link, did you?

Mr Midget. said...

I can't see what's wrong here.

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