Sad stuff

Oooooh! I've got some drama for you! Some really depressing stuff. It is part of my new writing project, which is complicated. I've got most of the synopsis ready, so if you want me to I'll post it over at Fiction Chickens. (This piece of text is actually a part of "Ae ou oey").

He pressed her bird-like skeleton hard against him, her cold, white, shivering skin against his coat. The mute snowflakes rained slowly down on her hair, her chapped lips muttered, and even though it was silent – he could not hear what she said. Underneath her swollen eyelids he could see her dark eyes, tears emitting from them like walls of hot glass. And he could hear her now, with her dark hair wet and messy, clinging to her face, frozen lips saying his name.

She was shaking, her heart beat slower than he remembered, maybe because she had grown, maybe because she was dying.

He too –now shaking, whispered her name, squeezed her tight, tucked her wet hair behind her ears, held on to her small, freezing hands. The snow was as white as her, like porcelain. And he knew he would always love her. And no matter how long he would have to wait for help – he would not give up waiting this time. He would wait until they came, even though the blizzard would take his life, he would wait. And he would find no rest until they came for her. Came and helped her, warmed her up, made her laugh again. And at that point he refused to let go, so he stood up – with her shivering body in his arms. And on what was left of his exhausted feet; he started walking towards the city.

It was so strange because he could see the lights of the thousands of people that lived there.
But he knew none of the thousand people were looking at them, where they stood, even though she shone as the brightest light of them all.


Sigrid said...

Sett "Titanic" en gang eller to for mye, kanskje?

Tora said...

nei, jeg har fskltisk aldri sett den, din geit.

ærlig talt. Tror du bitrkeligh at jeg kan se titanic uten å få alvorlige depresjoner lang tid i etterkant?!


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