Tobias has the brain

My conversation with Tobias aka. Gay2kay aka. Wonderwoman:

Gay2kay says: Nils and Ole are painting 3 houses. First they paint one house each. Nils use 5 hours to paint the house, and Ole use 3 hours. How long will it take for them to paint the third house if they cooperate?
Tora says: eeh... four?
Tora says: or two?
Gay2kay says: Close but no cigar
Gay2kay says: 1,875
Tora says: hahaha, 1,875 what? Hours?
Gay2kay says: mm
Tora says: LOL
Gay2kay says: 1 Hour, 52 minutes and 30 seconds.
Gay2kay says: :P
Tora says: hmm, Nerd-alert?!
Gay2kay says: What!? Where?!?
Tora says: :)
Gay2kay says: It wasn't like I made the assignment.. Nooo found it in a book.... Yeaah. A book.
Tora says: ... But how did to get to that conclusion, anyway?
Tora says: (or do I really want to know?)
Gay2kay says: yesyes, easy as peas
Gay2kay says: One of the guys paints the house in five hours, so focus on him
Gay2kay says: think that he paints 1 of five parts per hour
Gay2kay says: that means the other one paints 3/5 per hour
Gay2kay says: so then you get 5/(1+5/3)
Tora says: Yeah. Exactly. Got it :P



Audun said...

Next time he does like that, start picking on all the details:

-Only 5 hours? Shouldn't he paint it twice?

-What about the scaffolding? Surely it would take a few hours putting up the scaffolding. Or were they using a lift?

-Did they do all the details like the window frames too?

-How can you be sure it would go just as quick on the next house? What if that house hadn't been painted in aaaaaages?

-Five hours sounds awfully fast. If I were you, I would go and check if they have done a proper job. I have a mate that works as a painter, I can give you his number, he'll come and look at it.

Things like that

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