Gingerbread Project day 1

The moment we've all been waiting for - is now finally here! As usual I have been busy in the kitchen, it was my stepdads suggestion that I this year made a gingerbread lighthouse! And, and I did. Of course. And I tell you what, and I shit you not - but working with melted sugar as glue hurts real bad. I want you to know I've been through much pain for this strange (though 100% edible) nautical piece of architecture. Hmm. Right.

Without any further ado, (only a quick reminder of the prestigious Viking Ship back in 2005), I now present to you:

The Shazmazing Christmas Gingerbread Lighthouse of 2007!
I will be back later with some more images, and of course - the finished result!
Above: Lighthouse paper model and Lighthouse gingerbread creation with gingerbread shed and gingerbread trees at display on a tray.


Doesn't that make you feel all christmasy?


Audun said...


Looking forward to see photos of the final rezult.

I like "shazmazing", it's snazzy.

And you should do more math/physics explanations too. Like the importance of the point [13,37] in the coordinate system. Someone needs to sort out these phenomenas.

Tora said...

well why don't you?
As far as I recall, you've got a blog too!

Calu said...

Impresive! i must say.. But one thing in regards to the secound picture!

mulitple things indeed.. 1, if this is for a lighthouse what is the crock and the bat doing? 2. What is that thing in the far left? a crossing between a bird and a camel, and whats that got to do with a lighthouse?..

Audun said...

Because it will be a lot funnier if you do it.

Smylexx said...

A gingerbread lighthouse sounds fantastic in theory until you realise that this will alert gingerbread pirates about the gingerbread rocks in the sea and then where will we be?

Overrun with raping and pillaging gingerbread pirates, that's where all leaving crumbs in our underwear after violating us with their nasty gingerbread phalluses.

I'm hiding under my duvet tonight.

Calu said...

Amy -> I didnt think Pirates did those kind of things, wasnt that the good ol' trusted Vikings that did these horrible and unthinkable things?

Foss said...

Have you finished it yet?


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