Xide Xmas

Well as you may already know, there are so many things that I like in life - take Giorgio Locatelli, Birol Ünel, Gary Oldman, Jude Law, Matthew Macfadyen, Dylan Moran, Clive Owen, Patrick Fugit, Rupert Grint, Johnny Depp, George Clooney, Justin Chatwin and Ioan Gruffud for example, to name a few. (From left to right)

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Then there's always the delight of rainbows, shoes, mopping out ones ears with a q-tip after taking a shower, listening to a new CD, going to bed in clean sheets, Optimus Prime, getting rid of something that's been stuck between ones teeth, laughing, travelling to a new place, the cool mists of sunrise - where will this end? Well, it goes on for a long bit, and then it ends with food (for the simplicity of things, and to keep this as short as possible - everything within the amazing world of both beverages and appetizers has been forced into one word).
Obviously, I love food, best thing there is. I thought I'd never see anything within the world of food that would be able to set itself above all the other food-things that I love.

And then, then I watched a commercial on Swedish MTV (as you may already be aware of - it's illegal to advertise for liquor/spirits, well alcohol in general in Norway). And...

Oh, how can I cut this as fine as possible?

Well there was a glossy glass bottle, filled with deep red, tantalizing alcopop. Oh. And. And then. Then the bottle was turned upside down... And it was full of snowflakes and glitter!! Imagine that?! That's like religion to me! It just simply can't get any better than that. I want alcopop with glitter! That's what I want, I want it for Christmas! Oh why, oh why can't we have this delicious thing in Norway? I would keep the market rich and sustainable on my own, no problem! I promise! Just give it a chance! ... Whaaaa!! Glitter! Please!


Glitter Photos

I decided to list the different Xide flavours for you with a particular interest in alcopop. You will find they be links to the Swedish alcohol retailer (which, in similarity with Norway has a complete monopoly on selling high-alcohol-content drinks (above 4.7%) called Systembolaget in Sweden and Vinmonopolet in Norway).
Xide bright pomegranate rhubarb
Xide cactus/lime
Xide mandarin/chilli
Xide pine/citrus
Xide strawberry desire
Xide wasabi/lemon
Xide X-mas Mistel Orange
Xide X-mas <--- this one, please. Oh, and for you crazy penguin Mormons across the street - if you still think I am a raving alcoholic: ... Well I'm not. So stop trying to steal my ID when I'm watching, it's such an embarrassment.


Calu said...

First, did you mention Optimus prime?! major probs to you young one!

Why oh god would you want *real
sparkles* in your alchol?!

Wow, your blog is the 4th google result for "xide xmas"

And one last thing, glad we dont have those bolaget things here.. jesus my throat would drie up!!

Audun said...

I think drinks with actual sparkles would be a winner.

Imagine how cool the bottles would look, and it would be even cooler when you got sparkles in your mouth, so that little beams of light would shoot out between your lips.

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