And what I would give - for some snow! ya?

Did you know that nailpolish hardens and dries faster when kept hot? That is why chicks store their polish in the fridge, because it keeps the fluids soft and runny.

Something else which is strange is my odd attraction to the male cologne - Acqua Di Gio. I am simply enchantedly obsessed with that scent! How gay is that? Actually I can recognise it from yards(!) away - which is actually not only strange, but maybe also frightening?

Glitter Photos

But it's advent! Yayay! Now I can finally initiate the use of my giant computer folder of glitter, called "Christmas". Perfect!

I have way too much homework to do, and I'm at work all the time. It's been snowing lots in Oslo lately just to be washed away by rain a short time after. But I want snow, I like snow. It is time to get into that Christmas spirit - yes? Yes! Of course! And do forgive me for not updating in a while, busy busy you know. I will make it up to you by updating some time again during the week and perhaps give my blog a delightful round of Xmas pimpage.


Anonymous said...

Come visit your old aunt, and I will give you snow..
After all, we live in Trondheim.
Tante Bister
PS: Vi hadde juletretenning i barnehagen i dag. Det var koselig det!!

Calu said...

Guess i know what to wish for christmas now :o

Oh and Good to have you back! ;)

Sigrid said...

Asså, er jeg nødt til å passe ekstra godt på med Axel og deg i ssamme rom i julen?! Først liker du plutselig bare mørke, hårete menn, og så er du besatt av godlukten hans i tillegg?!


Tora said...

HANS godlukt?

har han copyright eller?

Ogaå Axel da, ærlig talt Sigrid.
Kosenesa får du ha for deg selv. Det kan du bite deg selv i øret på.

Mr Midget said...

*tries to bite his own ear*


Axel said...

For en familie...

mr midget said...

Neida, du er jo Mr Populær og alt!



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