The elementary particles of Christmas

Most people don't understand Christmas decorations. For some reason people have got this crazy idea that these are supposed to have some kind of resemblance with style or taste. Where did that crazy idea come from? That doesn't even make any sense! At all! Christmas is supposed to look like a mumbay taxi threw up Marie Antoinettes wardrobe into a baroque Christmas tree. Which would look something like this:


Foss said...

I used to love making decorations when I was a kid.

But now I'm an old man, so I'm supposed to be grumpy about christmas.

Bah, humbug!

Anonymous said...

Julepynt... Det kan på en måte aldri bli helt nok julepynt!
Dum Dum boys på radioen, fakturering på PCen, pepperkakebaking i etasjen under meg,(slik at lukten stiger opp hit på loftet),-10 grader og knallvær. Det er julestemmning i Trondheim.
Har sendt julegavene deres Tora.
Julete hilsen fra Tante Bister :)

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