Feature post: Torstein: Go go Tora Rangers!

Bonjour! Since you all appreciated the last post, I thought I might make another one!

About Tora!

This very rare and twisted specimen makes you wonder; “What was going on in His mind when He created this… this… thing?” well… either He had too much of the Absolut*, or He fell down the stairs.
Already as a 5 year old, the Tora develops the strange phenomenon; Twisted-ness.
The twisted-ness is a hormone that goes to the brain, and obtains complete control of the body. The first sign is when the Tora cuts off ONE of her pigtails. Fascinating indeed.

Now… The Tora often has family. In this case; a little brother, a bigger brother and a bigger sister. Since I am the little brother, I must say; I am lucky to have a Tora as a bigger sister, but… have you EVER tried to do your homework while you sister is sitting next to you while trying to shove an entire orange into her mouth?

Though at the bottom, the exhausted squeaky toys that Tora is using as a heart-- are lovely beings.

Sincerely, Torstein.


Audun said...

I learned a lot of new things from reading this Torstein.

Tea why.

Anonymous said...

You left out the reason WHY she cut of one of her pigtails... It was because she was over playing at a friends house, and she got the great idea that if she cut off ONE of her pigtails, then none of us would recognise her, and she could stay at Emilie(?)s house forever.

Good thinking!

Tora said...

it seemed reasonable at the time, yes!

Audun said...

Rather clever for a 5 year old I'd say. Not to mention having the agility to handle a pair of scissors successfully. (unless you really meant to cut your ear off but missed)

Torstinator said...

Also, I did leave out the time when she had a friend over (can't remember what his name is), and Mom were washing and vacuum-cleaning the entire house.

So what they did was; While Tora took out the bag from the vacuum-cleaner and got ready to jump on it, her friend tipped over the bucket of washing water so that the floor were got soaked, and then Tora jumped on the bag full of dust.
How to approach death by toilet brush รข la Tora.

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